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Some Other Frequent Questions:

What should I expect on this call?

Carlos will discuss with you your business, your personality,  the people you want to meet, and how our group can help you improve your business. We like to make sure we’re maintaining a high quality and productive environment for our members. 

How will this mastermind group benefit me?

This is for young professionals, business owners, who value relationships, who want to meet more people not just for increased business exposure but also for a better & healthier social life. The Young Sharks is full of testimonials of people who’ve closed $25K in business, others who have gone into serious lifelong relationships (forreal) and we’ve lost count of all the friendships we’ve started. That’s why we do it, it’s why it will uplift you financially and socially.

How long have you been doing this?

Carlos & the Young Sharks have been hosting networking events since 2021 with over $150K spent on events since then. He’s been able to build one of the largest networking groups strictly for young professionals with over 60 people showing up to all monthly events. 

The Young Sharks has also been featured in Major publications, been endorsed by the City of Orlando, and more.

This is one of our first event's where we threw a private high end dinner mastermind and a large networking event in one night.

This is an event we did with 2 political candidates. Tony was a retired Army Colonel who won 3 bronze star & Peter was a businessman with hundreds of millions in projects throughout his career.

This was event we threw at the Orlando's ICEBAR with over 92 people attending

"Young Sharks has been pivotal towards me being able to network... I've been able to meet other entrepreneurs who are active and in it to win it"

Caleb was our first original club member.

This was a mastermind dinner we put together. "Pull up [to the Young Sharks] then get rich"