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What Are The Benefits of
Becoming A Young Shark?

Ability to attend weekly networking events for business owners & young professionals
Grow your circle of influence & increase your business opportunities
Build long lasting friendships with like minded individuals
Learn & develop new skills from high value and industry leading professionals

Type of Young Sharks Networking Events In Jacksonville

1 membership includes everything

Types of Young Sharks Networking Events In Jacksonville FL

Industry-specific events

Network with other professionals in your field. We have members in Real Estate, Technology, Contractors, Legal, E-commerce, Insurance, & many other careers and professions. 

General business mixers

Build friendships with like minded business professionals. Our Jacksonville networking mixer events bring anywhere from 10-200 people. We do various themes and activities. 


Attend weekly & bi-weekly workshops on various topics including; real estate, social media, marketing, lead gen, sales, and more… 

Conferences & seminars

We periodically host in person expos, conferences, and seminars free for members. 

Improve Your Network & Your Professional Skills

By becoming a member of the Young Sharks, not only can you attend networking events, but you also get to consistently work on improving yourself by networking with people who are doing different businesses, have different careers, and have value to add. 

Jacksonville Lead Groups

By becoming a Young Sharks Club Member you get access to Referral Groups in Jacksonville where you can network, speak, and practice your elevator pitch every week.

Group of 5-20 professionals & business owners

Get paired with other members who will form part of your group.

Only 1 per profession

Have 0 competition within your lead group.

Get referrals & collaborations

Our lead groups are set up so sharing business and collaborating is highly encouraged 

Have a support system

Build strong bonds with people who will have your back and help you accomplish your goals

Elite Members Group

Our Elite Group is our top tier membership for individuals looking to get consulting, be connected to higher level people across our network, and wanting to scale their business’. 

Get access to high quality individuals who are motivated to grow
One-on-one consulting help with our executive team on scaling, sales, and marketing!
Get help with marketing, generating leads, and connecting with the right people

We've been killing it since 2021 with over 100+ successful events

What Our Jacksonville Members Have To Say About Our Networking Events & Club

Based on 7 reviews
Janice “Jay” Hill
Janice “Jay” Hill
This organization has not only helped me grow my business, but they give me the tools for marketing in ads not everyone gets it because not everyone wants to have to put themselves out there to represent their business they expect business to be dropped in their lap This organization is well put together and cares about the members
Dimitris Gazonas
Dimitris Gazonas
This networking group rocks! It's a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs like myself. I've made more connections & opportunities than any other networking event I've been too. Engaging events, valuable connections, and an inspiring community that truly fosters growth and collaboration! Highly recommend!!
A.R Digital Asthetics
A.R Digital Asthetics
syd s
syd s
Joining Young Sharks was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I wanted to meet like minded, driven people with goals, I am not sure why that is so rare these days, but I found them!! Within a few weeks I have made connections with people who are becoming friends but also within business. It is an incredible place to connect and THRIVE. I have gotten several new clients in my business in a short time directly in this group and it is still growing. Everyone wants to help each other win and I genuinely look forward to checking in each week. If you are thinking about joining any group to build your business, your confidence, or your circle, this is the one!
Karina Morales
Karina Morales
Young Sharks has been a great recourse for networking, meeting young professionals. For business owners to connect, to learn and build quality relationships. I have recently joined and have already met so many amazing people.
Jonae's Island Twist
Jonae's Island Twist
This is the place for young people who are eager and excited to network with others of a like mind to grow their business. We recently became a member of this group and the value received thus far is truly amazing.


Most frequent questions and answers

Basically, you’re paying to have exclusive access to a PRIVATE network of other young professionals who have the same mindset as you to see the value in networking and building connections that they also pay for it. You will be able to privately message members, meet in person, connect on our different online channels, and attend all of the Young Sharks in-person networking events and seminars. 

You will be billed monthly or annually depending on your plan automatically by our payment processor. 

  1. Access to all events
  2. Weekly in-person meetings
  3. Online access to all our private groups & Discord

The reason for paying monthly is that we’re forcing our members to be accountable, to take responsibility, and to also value the work behind keeping a community vibrant, active, and alive. 

By paying for a membership you’re 300% more likely to use it, therefore by investing the small amount monthly you will attend more events, listen more carefully to speakers, and make higher quality connections. 

We’re also putting together events and activities that are only open to members.

No, our membership is a flat price every month or year depending on your plan. Outside of that, we offer several Add-On for our members to choose, but not mandatory. 

You will be able to meet people mostly 20-40 years old who are growth oriented, have a career, and are looking to network. 

We have members of our community in all professions such as: lawyers, accountants, sales, marketers, realtors, insurance agents, and everything in between. 

Now's Your Chance To Join Our Quickly Expanding Network of Young Professionals And Start Attend Networking Events in Jacksonville