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You know what Jim Rohn, Grant Cardone, and all the Gurus say: "We're the sum of the 5 people we hang around with..."

We all know it!

The environment around us plays a huge role in how successful we become. 

The greatest success coaches, motivation speakers, and world leaders all say the same:

Those who hang around with losers will end up a loser. 

When I started the Young Sharks I was lost


And had little to no hope my business would ever make it. 

I was doing marketing for small businesses & startups. 

But, I was failing at marketing myself. 

Everyone I called SAID NO!

I even tried knocking on doors and literally walked all around Downtown Orlando in search of my new clients. 

All of this lead to wasted time, 0 clients, and more negativity in my life. 

I was missing something. 

I just didn’t know the right people. 

And as a result I was trying to infiltrate businesses and propose my services from an extremely scamy & cold approach

It just wasn’t my cup of tea and I was terrible at it. 

But, by accident one day I decided to invite 5 of my friends over to my house. 

We sat on the rooftop, drank some wine and shared some contacts. 

Something funny happened, somehow, all of my friends knew me…

But they didn’t know each other. 

It turned out to be the very first Young Shark Event. 

Here’s what happened after this. 

I quickly saw how many of those friends went on to start working on projects, real estate deals, and referring each other clients from that one small get together. 

I realized the power in connecting people & approaching businesses/clients from a warm instead of cold approach. 

So I launched this new “Young Sharks Group” online and it was a MAJOR hit! 

Within the first day 20 people joined and started following us. 

On the very next event I ended up having 12 people, 6 of who were ideal clients of mine (some of which I went to work with).

The thing is this:

People will do business with those they like & trust. 

Cold calling is effective at large volumes, just like any other cold marketing. 

But, networking & connecting with someone and having the chance to have a respectable in depth conversation is by far the most effective way to not only get more clients but work through the ranks. 

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Networking is not as easy.

Networking is time consuming. 

Networking requires an investment.

Networking requires a commitment. 

It’s true. 

However, it all boils down to what you’re goals are. 

Are you looking to be a cold calling robot or do you want to be a well liked and respected member of a community who everyone comes to for advice, motivation, and to hire you to provide value. 

You see there’s only so many calls one can make every day. 

So many doors we can knock, 

At some point, we break down, and simple yearn for a different approach. 

We are the most happy when those around us support and enrich us, and that’s true in business and in life. 

After all, business will eventually cost us more than a third of our life. 

You might as well enjoy it!

That’s why I devoted myself to this community and our “Young Sharks Club™ “

And I’m humbled that so many other have done as well…

We’ve enjoyed great success since our launch in 2021. 

But, what exactly is the “Young Sharks Club™. ” 

How do we help Young Professionals in Orlando?

How does it work?

How do you sign up?

How much does it cost?


As you might have guess it... I'm going to answer these questions for you.

So, I’ve created an EXCLUSIVE group where me and other high level professionals network & build relationships with the end goal of becoming more profitable & influential. 

And shortly you will have the option to join this group with a LIMITED time discount.

But I will let you know…

That my most successful entrepreneurs & professionals are in this group.

By joining this EXCLUSIVE group of High Quality people you’ll be able to not only make MORE money from referrals… 

But you will also: 

Never again be around lazy or unmotivated people EVER AGAIN.

The truth about being influential is that it comes from meeting other, especially others you can relate and form a bond with.

And usually what’s holding us from getting to the next level is simply not knowing the right people, not being in the right room, at the right time.

If you are able to surround yourself with High-Level Professionals, you will have a MUCH higher chance of achieving HIGHER SUCCESS for yourself. 

Think about it…

Setting yourself up to meet and connect with many like minded people through fun events, virtual meetings solves the first piece of the puzzle. 

But being able to have EXCLUSIVE access to my “Inner-Circle” of HIGH QUALITY People who are also motivated to meet someone like you…. and they’re also paying to have access to you…

Is the final piece you need to level up your social & financial game (Just like I did!) 

Rather than just trying to network at Publix or on your own…

With that being said…

Now it's time to decide wether you're going to be a player or sit in the bleachers

The “Culture” inside this exclusive group is the reason why so many of our members love us ..
And the reason why this culture is so powerful is because only a certain amount of people can have DIRECT access to it therefore everyone takes it serious and wants to make most of it…
That’s why, if we’re going to let you in the “Young Sharks Club we have to know that you’re serious…
If we didn’t have a tight criteria on who we let in,

Then we would be attracting the wrong type of young professionals and our culture would be non-existent. 

Now I am Going to Reveal Why Joining The "Young Sharks Club™ " Is A NO-BRAINER Decision

All of my young professionals inside of Young Sharks Club™ have been consistently networking and getting in front of potential partners, clients, and friends.
They know that we are like those we hang with…
They understand you need to need people in order to find that 1 connection that will be LIFE CHANGING
They know if they don’t have a great offer no ones gonna care…
But above all these things, having exclusive ACCESS to these Elite Marketers have EXPONENTIALLY changed their business and their lives…

Because You're Going To Get:

However... this is the real value included:

This is why it makes a ton of sense of to claim your spot to the "Young Sharks Club™ " Today...

So, you’ve probably guessed by now…

I’m going to offer you a one-time opportunity to join this exclusive group TODAY
And for an even bigger discount than my current members ever received… (please don’t tell them, they may get mad at me)
You’ve proven that you understand the power of networking for your career/business.
Which means that you probably also understand what it would mean for you to have HIGH QUALITY people in your-social-circle and make sure that you’re maximizing your social time… 
Which will GREATLY increase the profitability and future success of your advertising campaigns!

Claim Your Spot In The Young Sharks Club™ With 30 Days FREE (100% Discount)

Young Sharks Networking Events

Today, you’ve already beat the odds.

You’ve found this site…
You made the Smart decision to read through our site…
Maybe you even been to some of our previous events…
So, to make this even MORE affordable than it already is…
I decided to cut the recommended price to join The Young Sharks Club of $159/month down to just $89/month for FULL access to this exclusive “Inner-Circle”…
And, if you choose to get INSTANT access to the group today…
Your luck is only going to continue.
Because you’ll receive an additional 60% Off.
Which brings your cost down to just $39.99/month to get access to this EXCLUSIVE group of HIGH QUALITY young professionals…
But, if that wasn’t enough…

By taking ACTION RIGHT NOW you’ll be able to get 30 days for FREE. 

That means, that you will be able to attend AT LEAST 4 events before you’re ever charged a dime. 

Try 4 In Person Events FOR FREE Then Just $39.99 If You Take Action TODAY!

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