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Wednesday, October 11th, 7pm – 10pm

Zydeco Brew Werks, 1902 East 7th Avenue, Tampa FL, 33605

Dress Code: Costume (keep it appropriate)

Purpose: Networking for Young Professionals, Hustlers, and Entrepreneurs.

Directions: Park in the 8th Ave parking lot, then look for the main entrance into Zydeco and go up the stairs.

Who said networking events had to be boring?!

Young Sharks events are where you can network, enjoy music, and have a good time -in moderation-, leaving with improved business prospects and contacts.

For 3 solid hours, the Young Sharks will showcase the energy we’ve become famous for…

Meet and mingle with people who not only share your mindset but are also in your age group, which makes it easier to do business, form friendships, connect on a deeper level, and maybe even find high-quality potential life partners…

Over the last two years, our organization has built the largest group of young professionals in Central Florida. With over 280+ active members and a following in the thousands, we excel at connecting young entrepreneurs. We guarantee that you won't find the same quality of people, hunger, and motivation at any other event as you will here with us.

By catering exclusively to young professionals, we create an environment that exudes energy and attracts action-takers who know the lingo.


There’s immense power in being in a room where everyone thinks like you, is starting and growing businesses like yourself, and is cool enough to become friends or professional acquaintances.

The best part is…

You're invited.