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About Us

The Young Sharks was created by young entrepreneurs and for young professionals. 

We saw that MOST networking events in our home city of Orlando were not representative of the vibrant and eclectic influence the young population.

During the pandemic, there were not many events happening in Orlando, let alone, large networking events for business folks. 

By pure accident, Carlos Morilla, our founder started hosting small masterminds events in the rooftop of the Skyhouse Residencies in Downtown Orlando. 

The first event was attended by just 7 friends, the first official Young Shark networking event as we know was hosted in August of 2021 to a group of 10+ with around 6 people being completely new to the mastermind group. 

Slowly, with hard work and just pure passion for the project, the Young Sharks network of young professionals started growing and growing. We hit our first 100 group members relatively quickly and things continued to scale over 2022. 

In 2022 we branched out into hosting seminars, and other business events apart from just networking an to this day we are still crafting our perfect formula. 

In October of 2022, we launched the Young Sharks Club, a a true private members club for young professionals. 

Visit our membership page to learn how you can start benefiting from our network of young entrepreneurs, hustlers, and money makers so that you too can start improving your life and shaping your community. 

Our goal is to have 100 members in it’s first 3 months and host weekly small mastermind events and 1 large networking event in every city we are present.